Fault messages and Alarm messages
Fault Significance Alarm Significance
F0001 Overcurrent                                                                        A0501 Current Limit
F0002 Overvoltage                                                                        A0502 Overvoltage limit
F0003 Undervoltage                                                                      A0503 Undervoltage Limit
F0004 Inverter Overtemperature                                                 A0504 Inverter Overtemperature
F0005 Inverter I2t                                                                             A0505 Inverter I2t
F0011 Motor Overtemperature I2t                                                 A0506 Inverter Duty Cycle
F0012 Inverter temp. signal lost                                                  A0511 Motor Overtemperature I2t
F0015 Motor temperature signal lost                                          A0520 Rectifier Overtemperature
F0020 Mains Phase Missing                                                        A0521 Ambient Overtemperature
F0021 Earth fault                                                                  A0522 I2C read out timeout
F0022 HW monitoring active                                             A0523 Output fault
F0023 Output fault                                                               A0535 Braking Resistor Hot
F0024 Rectifier Over Temperature                                   A0541 Motor Data Identification Active
F0030 Fan has failed                                                          A0542 Speed Control Optimization Active
F0035 Auto restart after n                                                   A0590 Encoder feedback loss warning
F0040 Automatic Calibration Failure                               A0600 RTOS Overrun Warning
F0041 Motor Data Identification Failur                             A0700 - CB warning 1
F0042 Speed Control Optimization Failur            
F0051 Parameter EEPROM Fault                                         A0709 CB    warning 9
F0052 Power stack Fault                                                       A0710 CB      communication error
F0053 IO EEPROM Fault                                                       A0711 CB     configuration error
F0054 Wrong IO Board                                                         A0910 Vdc-maxcontroller de-activated
F0060 Asic Timeout                                                              A0911 Vdc-max controller active
F0070 CB setpoint fault                                                        A0912 Vdc-mincontroller active
F0071 USS (BOP link) setpoint fault                                  A0920 ADC parameters not set properly
F0072 USS (COM link) setpoint fault                                 A0921 DAC parameters not set properly
F0080 ADC lost input signal                                                A0922 No loadapplied to inverter
F0085 External Fault                                                              A0923 Both JOGLeft and Right are requested
F0090 Encoder feedback loss                                             A0952 Belt Failure Detected
F0101 Stack Overflow                                                             A0936 PID Autotuning Active
F0221 PID Feedback below min. value
F0222 PID Feedback above max. value
F0450 BIST Tests Failure
(Service mode only)
F0452 Belt Failure Detected