Bus Cycle :


در شبكه پروفی باس  به دوره زمانی كه  عملیات ارسال اطلاعات و شناسایی نودها  انجام می شو د Bus Cycle گفته میشود .




The PROFIBUS-DP profile was developed to answer in cyclic communication in a quick way among the distributed devices. In addition, PROFIBUS DP provides functions for acyclic access services, like configuration, monitoring, diagnostics and field equipment alarm management.

In 12Mbit/s, the PROFIBUS-DP needs only 1 ms to transmit 512 input bits and 512 output bits distributed by 32 stations. This profile is recommended for discreet control, which requires high speed processing. Figure 7 shows the PROFIBUS-DP typical transmission time, according to the number of stations and the transmission speed, where each slave has 2 input bytes and 2 output bytes and the minimal slave interval time is 200 µs.